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2 Lb Polyurethane Expanding Foam

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Low water absorption, 97% closed cell content. One quart of mixed foam supports approximately 63 lbs/cubic foot. Six month shelf life. A low density 2 lb/cubic foot density, rigid urethane foam system. Mix ratio by volume is 1:1. Mixed chemicals expand up to 30 times in volume and begin to set in approximately 2-3 minutes at 20 Celsius and cures in about 20 minutes. 

One quart of mixed foam has a flotation factor of approximately 70 lbs and will expand to about 1 cubic foot.

Used in small boats to prevent immediate sinking from below waterline leaks.

  • Can be used on a boat, car or house for flotation, caulking, insulation
  • Will adhere to metal, fiberglass and wood
  • Cures in 20 minutes
  • Can be cut, sanded or painted

2 Part Solution

Available in 2 quart, 2 gallon, or 10 gallons

USCG approved, petroleum resistant, excellent adhesion.

Both Parts A and B are included in the price.