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In 1973..

In 1973 two free spirits in search of fulfilling their lifelong dream of sailing around the world decided to take the leap and build a 42’ plywood catamaran. At the time, recreational sailing and boating were becoming increasingly popular in the Toronto area with many builders such as Bayliner, Catalina, and Beneteau dominating the boat-building industry due to their long history and reputation.  Despite this, the couple and many other “do-it-yourself” boat builders still found that prices for boat-building materials were high. Having seen this void in this market for affordable boat-building materials, the couple decided to open up their own small boat-building supply shop. At this point Noah’s was born, reminiscent of Noah building his ark. 

As the Years Went On..

Their dream of finishing their sailboat and sailing the world had been pushed back time and time again due to the business taking precedence. Around this time, two long-time sailors decided they needed a lifestyle change, so they built a  40’ Composite Trimaran, packed up their belongings and two kids, and spent a year sailing and living in the Bahamas. With limited options to make money, it was time to get back to reality and upon returning, they took up work in a boat repair yard. By 1984, the owners of Noah’s were still holding on to their dream of sailing around the world, and after having met and spoken with the recently returned sailors, they ultimately decided to sell them the company, giving them time to finish building their boat. 

Trimaran sailboat at a beach
Fiberglass table paint store

Upon Taking Ownership..

Of Noahs, the two sailors decided to move the business from the original 500 sqft shop, to a 3000 sqft shop. Here they began boat building and restoration projects in wood and fiberglass work. They continued to run a small shop that sold boat-building supplies, mainly paint and fiberglass.

man sanding an unfinished boat
Boat being lifted by a crane
Unfinished sailboat
plywood in a shop

By 1996..

Noah’s had grown their inventory breadth to offer marine plywood, lumber, resins, and more.  It was at this time the company moved again, doubling its shop size. However, the decision was made to take a step back from boat building and restorations, and to focus on providing affordable and high-quality boat building supplies as well as offering cedar strip and plywood boat kits. 

Over the years..

Noah’s continued to expand their product offerings and supply to provide its customers with all the necessary materials for boat-building projects until ultimately by 2020 they were out of space again and had to move, this time to a building 3 times the space. The two sailors have since retired and spend more time on cruise ships than sailboats, but the company is carried on by their son with help from their grandchildren and long-time employees Peter and Paul who continue to operate it with the same principles.

New Location

Epifanes Noahs Marine Supply Boat Repair
Noahs Marine Supply Boat Repair
Noahs Marine Supply Boat Repair

Noah's Canadian location has moved to a bigger facility to serve you better. With more than twice the square footage, we now have a wider selection of products for you to build your project. Our new location is located at 1008 Rangeview Road, Mississauga, ON L5E 1H3. Our US location has not changed.