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Maple Veneer 12" X 99"

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Premium Grade Maple Veneer Sheet for Woodworking and Furniture Making

This premium grade maple veneer sheet from Noah's Marine is perfect for woodworking, furniture making and other projects. Measuring 12 inches wide by 99 inches long, this large sheet of maple veneer provides plenty of material for covering tabletops, cabinets, drawers and other surfaces. Maple wood veneer is known for its light to medium brown color, fine grain pattern and warm appearance. This veneer has been sanded smooth and even, ready to be glued onto your wood substrate.

Use it to upgrade cabinets, tables, desks, entertainment centers and other furniture with a luxurious maple wood finish. Maple veneer comes from sustainable sources and features straight grains and few defects, ensuring a high-quality finish for your projects. Start upgrading your woodworking with this large sheet of premium grade maple veneer. The warm tones of real maple wood will add elegance and beauty to your next furniture making project. The large size of this veneer sheet means you'll have plenty of material to cover even the largest surfaces while minimizing seams.

The smooth surface and straight grain pattern of this maple veneer ensure a flawless result when applied properly, ideal for both beginners and professionals. The natural beauty of real maple wood veneer can elevate even the simplest of projects.