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Teak Veneer 6" X 99"

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Premium Grade Teak Veneer Sheet for Craft Projects and Small Woodworking

This premium grade teak veneer sheet from Noah's Marine is perfect for craft projects, small woodworking and furniture making. Measuring 6 inches wide by 99 inches long, this teak veneer sheet provides enough material to cover small tabletops, cabinet doors, drawer fronts and modest size furniture panels. Teak wood veneer is known for its rich golden brown color, oil resistant properties and durability. This veneer has been sanded smooth and even, ready to be glued onto your wood substrate.

Use it to upgrade small cabinets, tables, shelves, and other craft projects with a luxurious teak wood finish. Teak veneer comes from sustainable sources and features straight grains and few defects, ensuring a high-quality finish. Start upgrading your craft projects with this sheet of premium grade teak veneer. The warm golden tones of real teak wood will add richness and elegance.

Though narrower in width, the length of this veneer sheet provides enough material for covering modest size surfaces. The thickness is also suitable for covering edges and small areas for crafts and woodworking projects. The natural durability and oil resistance of real teak veneer make it an excellent choice for high traffic areas and outdoor applications. The smooth surface and straight grain pattern ensure a flawless result when applied properly, even for beginners.