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Canoe Canvas Filler

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1 Gallon

The ultimate solution for repairing and restoring damaged surfaces. Our canvas filler is specifically designed for marine use and is made from a high-quality epoxy resin that is both durable and water-resistant, ensuring that your repairs will withstand the harsh marine environment.

Easy to apply and use, simply spread our canvas filler over the damaged area and smooth it out to create a seamless finish. Once cured, it can be sanded or further treated with paint or protective coatings as needed. Our canvas filler comes in a resealable container that keeps it fresh and ready for your next repair project.

Ideal for both professional marine repair technicians and DIY enthusiasts, our canvas filler is the perfect choice for restoring your boat's fabric-based materials to their original condition. With its high-quality formula and easy-to-use design, our canvas filler is sure to become an essential tool in your marine repair kit. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

One gallon of filler will do a 16-foot canoe covered with #10 canvas.


For instructions for using our canvas filler, click here