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Glen-L Drift Pram 8' Plans & Patterns

by Glen L
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Of our easiest and quickest designs to build, DRIFT PRAMS let you reach fishing holes bigger boats must pass by. While functionally similar to larger driftboats, they’re equally suited to lakes, bays, and other protected waters. And don’t rule them out as a ship-to-shore dinghy. Their wide, flat bottoms give amazing stability, while shoal draft, built-in rocker, and light weight mean instant response to oar inputs. Our 8' MODEL can be built in variable widths; 4½’ or 5', so it can fit most vans, pickups, or car tops. While usually single-handed, an extra passenger can be accommodated. Our 10' MODEL is nearly as easy to transport, but more closely matches the performance of true driftboats - it can easily accommodate two fishermen.

By virtue of STITCH-&-GLUE construction, weight and cost are bare-bones yet maintenance and deterioration are virtually eliminated. There are no frames, but strength is superior. The two seats stiffen the hull and form built-in flotation chambers. No jig, special tools, or fastenings are used for hull assembly. FULL SIZE PATTERNS are provided for all hull components (see photos). Plans also include complete INSTRUCTIONS & MATERIAL UTILIZATION LAYOUTS. Hull panels are wire-tied together and joints bonded with epoxy filler and fiberglass tapes. Exterior hull surfaces are coated with epoxy and fiberglass for abrasion resistance and minimum maintenance. Most can assemble in a weekend or two.

The 8' MODEL uses 3 sheets of ¼" x 4' x 8' plywood. The 10' MODEL uses one each of ¼" and "x 4' x 8', and one ¼" x 4' x 10'. A few sticks of lumber are added for gunnels and corner knees plus ordinary steel bailing wire available anywhere for stitching.

Characteristics 8' 10'
Length overall 7'9" 9'7"
Beam 54" or 60" 62"
Bottom width (max.) 41" or 47" 48"
Hull depth 15"-16" 17"-18"
Weight (approx. lbs.) 80-90 110
Average passengers 1-2 1-3