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Glen-L Folding Boat 10' Plans & Patterns

by Glen L
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Yes, the FOLD UP does fold up into a flat bundle, 10'3" x 25" x 10".

How many times have you wished you could carry a boat to the water? Perhaps there is no launching ramp but the water is relatively close to the road. Maybe you don't have room to store a boat on a trailer. But, the flat package of FOLD UP can be stored almost anywhere, hang it on the garage wall or from the ceiling of the carport; it doesn't take much space. And you eliminate the licensing and taxes on the trailer. A win-win situation.

FOLD UP is easily transported on car top, inside an SUV or wagon type vehicle or pick up truck. It weighs only 105 lbs. or split it into two packages of 39 and 66 lbs.

But, does it take a long time to assemble? Is it seaworthy? As a test, we unfolded the package in 12 minutes without rushing. And yes, it's seaworthy. Obviously, it's a small boat, not intended for open sea or rough waters, and no it won't fold up when in use.

Essentially, FOLD UP is made from sheet plywood hinged at the seams with a flexible material similar to that used on inflatable boats. The sides and two bottom halves fold from a flat package to a fully shaped boat. A frame spreads the boat at the center, the transom slips in place, while a bow caps the forward end of the craft. The members are held in place primarily with barrel bolts, a simple, strong fastening method.

The FOLD UP is simple to build; a pattern is furnished for every contoured part in the boat including planking. Standard lengths of plywood are used and the barrel bolts, hinges, etc. are readily available at a local hardware store or home center. Everything used on the prototype is listed. Instructions carry you through the construction in a step by step manner and include how to obtain the parts from the noted material, a full Bill of Materials, and the quantity, size and number of fasteners required at junctions.

Add a little effort and you too, can build your own novel and easily stored FOLD-UP.