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Cedar Strip Kayak Plans

Original price $89.00 - Original price $214.50
Original price
$89.00 - $214.50
Current price $135.00

Build your own beautiful cedar strip kayak with one of our high-quality cedar strip kayak kits. Choose from a variety of designs to craft the exact kayak you've always dreamed of, from lightweight recreational models perfect for fishing local ponds and lakes to rugged touring kayaks ready to tackle multi-day trips.

Our kayak kits are supplied by top designers with decades of experience creating award-winning designs. The kits include detailed instructions, diagrams, cutting lists, and material recommendations to help guide you through every step of the build process. You'll have the option of choosing from kits by renowned designers including:

  • Laughing Loon Their cedar strip kayak kits feature timeless designs inspired by traditional wood and canvas kayaks. Perfect for solo paddlers or multi-person families.
  • Green Valley Boat Works Their kits feature durable and efficient designs for paddlers seeking performance and function. From recreational to touring models.
  • Bear Mountain Boats Their kits feature innovative designs focused on comfort, stability, and maneuverability. Perfect for paddling flatwater or whitewater.
  • Otto Vallinga Yacht Design Offers excellent kits known for their sleek, seaworthy designs. Their kayaks feature long, narrow hulls and fine entry lines for efficient paddling and tracking.

With a high-quality cedar strip kayak kit from a trusted designer, you'll have everything you need to build your dream kayak, from framing the hull to bending the ribs to applying the strips and finish. Start your next woodworking adventure and get the cedar strip kayak kit you've been searching for.

Not sure where to begin? See our Choosing a Design page to help you find the perfect vessel to suit your nautical needs!