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Core-Bond B72 MEKP Catalyst 5 Gallon

by ATC
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CORE-BOND is a polyester-based core bedding compound, developed for both hand-layup and vacuum-bag core installation, and is used as a 2-part system in conjunction with a priming resin applied to the core surface. Lightweight and non-sagging, Core-Bond is supplied with its own pigmented (green) paste catalyst, and is formulated to the degree of elasticity required for the core to skin interface. With a shrinkage of less than 1%, Core-Bond significantly reduces the possibility of print-through. Core-Bond is easily applied with a 1/4" V-Notch trowel, and achieves a thin bondline of approximately 1/32".

One gallon covers approximately 30 square feet. Always prime core surface with a catalyzed resin. The Core- Bond combines with the priming resin for a thorough cure and good cohesion. The priming resin should appear between the blocks of contoured foam, or in the bleeder holes of plain foam, for a visual inspection of a good bond.