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Cutting Services

Wood Planning

We offer wood planning on our wood lumber to your desired thickness.

Wood Cutting and Ripping

Looking for a precise cut? We offer wood cutting and ripping services that allow our customer’s the exact size and spec they need for their projects. We only cut and rip lumber sold in our facility and service wait times depend on the job's complexity. 

CNC Cutting Services

CNC Machining is the process in which preprogrammed software directs the movement of tools to create 3-dimensional objects within a single prompt. The machine works on a Cartesian system (X,Y, and Z) for 3D motion. Cutting, routing, carving, drilling, grinding, and etching are some of the popular features of this machine. Many woodworking projects involve the use of CNC machine cutting such as furniture making, cabinet making, toys, art, and more.

Here at Noah’s, we use (WHAT KIND OF ROUTER) to be able to create designs with a variety of different materials.  We also provide engraving services through the use of (WHAT KIND OF ROUTER). Our (WHAT SIZE OF MACHINE DO WE HAVE AND WHAT CAN WE CUT OUT ON IT SIZE WIZE).  Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, you can count on our team of professionals here at Noah's to bring your designs to life.

Custom CNC Wood cutting Custom CNC Wood Cutting Custom CNC Wood Cutting

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