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12 Lb Polyurethane Expanding Foam

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Transform your boat insulation project with the 12 Lb Polyurethane Expanding Foam. This closed cell spray foam offers an expansion rate of 5 times, ensuring maximum coverage and energy efficiency. With just 1 liter expanding to approximately 300 in³, you can fill gaps and create airtight seals effortlessly. This high-density foam is resistant to water absorption, making it perfect for moisture-prone areas. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this foam is easy to work with - it can be cut, sanded, or painted to match any surface. Upgrade your insulation game today.

Key Features

  • Expansion Rate: 5 times; 1 Liter will expand to approximately 300 in3
  • High-density 12 lb cubic ft,
  • Cures in 20 minutes
  • Closed cells, will not absorb water. 

Use for rudder recording, gap filling, and mold plugs.  Can be cut, sanded, or painted. Will expand about 3X after mixing.


Part A and B are included in price