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17' North Sea Cedar Strip Kayak Kit

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The Following courtesy of Martin Step,

The North Sea

The North Sea is a true expedition kayak. It is designed for controllability without having to resort to a rudder, and for a cruising speed of four knots for the average paddler. The designed displacement of 325 pounds assures adequate storage space for gear. The longer a boat gets, the more sluggish it handles, so 'deadwood' has been cut back at both the bow and the stern. The North Sea handles rather nicely even in lumpy seas.

The photo below shows a production Kevlar version of the North Sea (in red) made by Swift Canoe & Kayak.

The size of this boat makes it less desirable for day paddling, and it is too much of a handful for smaller paddlers. But, if you take long trips or pack heavily, the North Sea is a good boat.

Design Specs:

Length: 15’ 4-1/2”
Beam: 24”
Hull Weight: 45 lbs
Max Payload: 325 lbs
Paddler Weight: 130 - 250 lbs.

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