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18' Cirrus Cedar Strip Canoe Kit

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The Cirrus is a no compromise approach to the performance touring canoe. This is not a rehash of an outmoded racing hull, but a clean, fresh approach to high speed touring that ignores the rules and conventions of the past. The radically asymmetrical low wetted surface hull is heavily flared in the topsides for a dry ride and the unique forward hull shape permits maneuverability undreamed of in conventional performance cruisers. This is a performance canoe that turns when dead level! No need to heel it over on its ear to get it around.

Above all, the Cirrus is a tripper. It has a smooth predictable feel in waves without the unsettling tendency to broach which is characteristic of canoes having straight keel lines. The Cirrus will carry up to 490 pounds with ease making it more than adequate for most tripping needs.

John Winters comments "If canoes can be said to have sex appeal, the Cirrus is a 10. We ignored the racing rules and took a fresh new look at what a
performance cruising canoe should be. The result is an exquisitely beautiful canoe, fast, maneuverable, seaworthy and perfectly at home in its element. Whether you paddle in the traditional style or "sit and switch" the Cirrus responds like a thoroughbred. While certainly not the boat for everybody, it wins converts easily among those who want to get there first and in style."

Overall Length: 18'
Waterline Length: 17'6"
Gunwale Width: 35-1/2"
Waterline Beam: 30-3/4"
Bow Height: 20"
Centre Depth: 14-1/2""
Stern Height: 18-1/2"
Bow Rocker: 2-1/2"
Stern Rocker: 3/4"
Freeboard @ 450 lbs: 9-1/2"

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