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Carbon Fiber Biaxial Sleeve

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These braided carbon biaxial sleeves have the cosmetically desirable appearance of a 2x2 Twill pattern but as a sleeve, they can be slid over a prepared mandrel or tube to create straight or tapered tubing. The 2 "sleeve can be increased from their base diameter up to 30% and decreased up to 70%. This means that a 2" diameter can be used in a single application ranging from 2.23" diameter down to 0.76".  The 4" sleeve can be used in a single application ranging from 4.8" diameter down to 1.75".  Laying up sleeves is predictable, repeatable and suitable for precise manufacture of composite parts.  3K AeroSpace 7.5 oz per sq yard.

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Tensile Strength is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before failing or breaking.
Elastic modulus is a number that measures an object or substance's resistance to being deformed elastically (i.e., non-permanently) when a force is applied to it.  A stiffer material will have a higher elastic modulus.