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Duratec High Gloss Additive

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$85.00 - $265.00
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Blended with gelcoats for gelcoat repairs; blended with tooling gelcoats to upgrade mold surfaces.

Low Porosity---when  used for repairs, blending the additive with gelcoat produces a low porosity surface.

Reduced orange peel---the low viscosity of the blend results in a smooth finish that is easily sanded.

Improved properties---for mold surfaces, the blending of the additive with tooling gelcoat creates a higher heat distortion temperature, improved gloss retention, increased impact resistance and reduced subsurface porosity.

Superior finish---when blended one-to-one with gelcoats, the additive creates an air-cure, enamel-like coating. No air-dry additive is required. When used for gelcoat repair, surfaces are restored to like-new condition.

As measured on a Brookfield Viscometer Model RVF, Spindle #2 at 20 rpm - 110 cps

Thixotropic Index - 1

Gel Time
Sample based on a 100 g mass, catalyzed at 2 percent with mekP - 16-20 min

Weight per Gallon - 8.0 lb., 3.6 kg