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Good Skiffs Book

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Boats for everyone! This is the first book-length study of the affordable, fascinating, easy-to-build, flat-bottom skiff. Easy to build, affordable, easy to transport, skiffs offer a world of fun to boaters of all ages. The book includes chapters on skiff history, skiff design, and construction techniques. There's even a chapter that takes you step-by-step through the building of a "stitch-and-glue" nine-footer. The rest of the books contents include the author's commentary on 17 skiffs of all sorts: outboard skiffs, rowing skiffs, sailing skiffs, a work skiff, even a skiff designed for a one-lunger marine engine. There are plans for each boat that provide plenty of food for thought together with addresses of the boats' designers so that plans be purchased. This is a fun book that discusses a deservedly popular boat type that has endured for at least two centuries on lakes, rivers, and the coast. About the Author Karl Stambaugh is a naval architect whose successful design practice includes a number of highly popular skiffs.