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How to Fiberglas Boats DVD

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By Ken Hankinson
Over 100 photos and illustrations, glossery, index, 120 pages, 8 1/2"x 11" softcover, 1986.

This book presents the most up-to-date and complete information available from a single source for anyone interested in covering new or used boats with a protective layer of fiberglass using either polyester or epoxy resins.

This easy-to-read book takes the fear and mystery out of fiberglass work and helps the amateur avoid costly and tedious pitfalls. The clearly described methods are both simple and proven, making a first-class job possible by anyone willing to follow the easy non-technical instructions.

Topics include fiberglass sheathing materials and which to use, resins, hardeners, catalysts, pigments, "wet" and "dry" application methods, "tips" the pros use, safety aspects, estimating materials, surface prep for both old and new boats, finishing methods, and much more In addition tofiberglass, alternative materials such as polypropylene, "Dynel", "Arabol","Kevlar", and carbon fiber are covered as they apply to sheathings.