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Inboard Motor Installation Book

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"I wouldn't dream of drilling the prop shaft hole without the "Inboard Motor Installations" book written by Witt/Hankinson." Rodger, Florida by Glen L. Witt & Ken Hankinson Index, hundreds of photos, drawings, and illustrations, 8 1/2" x 11", hardcover, 1978. A new revision of original text, INBOARD MOTOR INSTALLATIONS IN SMALL BOATS. This is the only "how-to" book covering inboard motor installations in all types of pleasure boats, both power and sail. It is required reading for anyone installing an engine in a new boat or repowering or understanding the installation in an existing craft. Marine engines are covered as well as converting an auto engine for marine use, with photos of the entire process for a typical automotive conversion. Also covered in detail are matching motor and boat, installing the required hardware, aligning the motor, transmission types including vee-drives, stern-drives, and jet drives, exhaust systems, tanks and fuel systems, rudders and steering systems, controls and instrumentation, electrical systems, cooling systems, engine ventilation, trim plates, and much more. Written in non-technical, easy-to-understand language so that even the novice can master this often misunderstood subject. The authors are both boat designers with many years of experience in designing and working with all sorts of powerboats and sailboat auxiliaries, and realize the problems that confront the amateur. They've written this book to allow you to do a professional installation.