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Marine Oil Rust Inhibitor

by Owatrol
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Marine Oil is deeply saturating, versatile air-drying oil. It can be simply used alone, added to oil-based paint as a conditioner, for wood impregnation or to aid adhesion of finishes.

For use as a rust inhibitor

When using as a rust inhibitor, Marine Oil penetrates deep into the surface pushing out any excess moisture or air. Doing this to rusted metal will stabilize it and stop any further rust from forming. Marine Oil’s unique formula creates a strong yet flexible finish that will not peel or flake.

For use as a paint conditioner

If being used as a paint conditioner and being added to any alkyd or oil-based coating, Marine Oil will improve the paint flow making it easier to work with, increasing the wet edge time and offering greater adhesion of the paint. Other damaging thinners will not be able to maintain the color, appearance or overall quality that Marine Oil does.

N.B – If you are using a water-based paint but wish to gain the same effect, please instead use Owatrol Easy Flow. Easy Flow paint conditioner is formulated to be used in any water-based paint, whereas Marine Oil is to be used in any oil-based paint.

For use in wood impregnation

When being used for wood impregnation, Marine Oil deeply saturates into dry wood, protecting it from the damaging effects of moisture. Doing this will help prevent paint from peeling from the wood and also protect any latches or hinges from corrosion.

For advanced adhesion

Marine Oil will leave a bonding film the surface, maintaining the natural look yet allowing for enhanced adhesion. This makes it suitable for use as a foundation for finishing coats or primers. Marine Oil offers premium adhesion to surfaces such as aluminium, galvanised steel, wood, zinc and more! Application of Marine Oil creates a base for which paint can be directly applied to even firm rust and is also heat resistant to 175°C

Ideal Uses for Marine Oil

  • Preventing further damage in heavily rusted surfaces on hulls and tanks
  • Priming galvanised metals eliminating the need for weathering or pickling
  • Improving the flow of paint and its work-ability
  • Preventing paint from peeling from wooden surfaces
  • Protecting steel structures such as railings, engine parts, pipes, stairs etc
  • Assuring better adhesion of finishes