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MAS Slow Hardener

SKU 30-006
by MAS
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MAS Slow Hardener is a phenol-free, modified amine, epoxy resin hardener. When used in conjunction with MAS Epoxy Resin it provides high reactivity and an extended gel time which allows for controlled application periods. Special features exhibited by this product include blush free surfaces, good ultraviolet stability, smooth finishes in cured films, excellent osmotic resistance, and the ability to cure under high humidity. MAS Slow Hardener is intended for use with MAS Epoxy Resin and can be applied in a diverse range of conditions where increased working time is required. We highly recommend formulations of MAS Slow Hardener when large surfaces are to be coated or laminated. Slow formulation cure blush free and eliminate the need for time consuming wash downs during on-going laminations or repetitive build coats. The low viscosity of MAS Slow Hardener (200-250 poise) when mixed with MAS resin is ideal for fast wet-out of reinforcing fabrics. MAS Fast Hardener may be added to the MAS Slow Hardener to speed up curing, however, blends exceeding 30% of MAS Fast Hardener may compromise the non-blushing characteristics of the MAS Slow Hardener. The 2:1 mix ratio, resin:hardener should be maintained, no matter what hardener or blend of hardeners are used. STORAGE LIFE: A minimum of 12 months in a sealed container. Caution: Not recommended for use below 65 degrees F unless cure time is available.