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Mold Release Wax

by TR
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Looking for a reliable mold release solution for your composite molding projects? Look no further than our firm paste wax made with the finest Carnauba Wax, premium synthetic ingredients, and top-grade petroleum distillates.

Our mold release paste wax stands out for its easy application and removal, as well as its ability to provide a hard film with superior heat and chemical resistance. It's perfect for open mold hand or spray lay-up, resin transfer/injection (RTM) and (RIM), vacuum bag, and compression molding, as well as for use with polyester and epoxy resins.

This high-quality paste wax not only facilitates the release of composite parts from all FRP tooling, metal, and other hard surface molds, but also reduces wax buildup and styrene accumulation. Plus, it polishes to a high gloss finish without streaking, ensuring that your finished products look as good as they perform.