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Nutack E Reactive Epoxy Based Spray Adhesive 22.5 Pz

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NuTack-E Reactive Epoxy Based Spray Adhesive 22.5oz

Your formula for stronger bonds

While conventional spray adhesives work for adhering dry goods together, they can choke the flow of resin once under vacuum. This can significantly weaken inter-laminar bond strength.

NuTack® E is a sprayable, polymeric-based reactive tackifier designed for use with epoxy resins in RTM, Vacuum Bagging and Infusion Applications. While standard adhesives are incompatible to the laminate and can reduce physical properties where applied, NuTack® E will react and become part of the resin system. NuTack® E provides excellent adhesion to reinforcing glass fiber and carbon fiber roll goods and coring products.

Mechanical properties of laminates fabricated using NuTack® E and a standard, nonreactive adhesive were evaluated for physical properties and compared to laminates fabricated without using a tackifier. Test results are shown in the table below.

Laminates tacked with NuTack® E had much higher physical properties than those tacked with the non-reactive tackifier. The use of NuTack® E enhances inter-laminar strength between plies in the finished part over nonreactive tackifiers, while the cure and flow properties of epoxy infusion resins remains unaffected.