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Ontario Whitehall 16' Rowing Boat

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The Whitehall is a modern interpretation of a centuries old harbour rowing boat.

  • Length Overall: 15 ' 11 1/2 "
  • Beam :47 "
  • Displacement: 400 Pounds
  • Bow Height: 20 "
  • Centre Depth: 15 "
  • Wetted Surface: 29.5 square feet (with 400 pounds on board)
  • Optimum Capacity: range from 160 to 780 pounds

Using woodstrip epoxy building techniques, this 16' boat weighs in at 110 pounds (approx 50 kilos). 

The plans come on 6 sheets (24" x 36") with all the molds drawn in full (half breadth). The top sheet (as shown in the image) contains much valuable information particularly dealing with the set up of the strongback and station molds.

Although the plans should be sufficient for a confident builder, please be aware we don't supply our own instructional materials. If you need additional info, we recommend "Woodstrip Rowing Craft" by Susan Van Leuven for more on how to construct the Whitehall.


For a list of what is included in your kit, press here.

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