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Redbird 17'6"

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$2,026.00 - $2,590.00
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A fast light day tripper:

• Length 17' 7.5"
• Maximum beam 33.5"
• Beam waterline 33.6"
• Beam gunnel 32.25"
• Bow height 21.25"
• Centre Depth 12"
• Draft 4"
• Displacement 370 lbs.
• Wetted surface 27.0 sq. ft.
• Weight to immerse 128 lb/in
• Prismatic coefficient 0.496
• Weight 50 to 60 lbs.
• Keel-less or shoe keel

This Bear Mountain design is an efficient wilderness canoe, and seasoned paddlers find it performs well in most conditions. Its keel-less shallow-arch hull with moderate rocker combines with a long waterline and fine entry to make it a fast responsive boat. The bow and stern profile are reminiscent of the Long Nose Ojibwa Rice Harvesting canoe. The sides have a moderate tumblehome for lateral strength and to allow outwales wide enough to turn aside waves and spray.

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Pricing Variation

The White Cedar Kits include strips ranging from 3' in length up to a maximum of 7'10". However, please note that 80% of your strips will be within the range of 5' to 7'10".

Shipping 🚚

We would like to inform you that due to the size of the products, custom freight shipping arrangements will be required. Please note that freight shipping for these kits can be costly. However, if you choose a full white cedar kit or a short strip kit (see link included above), these kits can be shipped through a courier, saving you on shipping costs. If you want to purchase red cedar (which comes full length) but want short strips to save on shipping, then include this information on the note at checkout. We will reach out to you with a confirmed shipping price before proceeding with the shipment.