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System Three SB-112

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SB-112 is a two part epoxy system that excels as a primer/tie coat for polyester resin materials. SB-112’s surface does not inhibit the curing of the polyester resin at the interface. What results is an exceptional bond between the epoxy and polyester resin systems.


• Features a convenient 2:1 mixing ratio
• Solvent Free
• Ideal for polyester gelcoat repair
• Blush Free
• Grain Sealer for wooden musical instruments


SB-112 is specially formulated for use in building and repairing sail and surfboards over polystyrene cores. It can also be used for coating and composite laminating.
SB-112 is unique in that polyester resins and gel coats may be bonded to it without the use of "tie-coats". We recommend that polyester be bonded onto freshly sanded SB-112 epoxy within 48 hours of cure.


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