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Teak Lumber ½” X 1-3/4” X 30”

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Teak Lumber ½” X 1-3/4” X 30”

Premium Grade Teak Wood for Craft Projects

This premium grade teak wood lumber from Whitecap is perfect for crafting and woodworking projects. The dimensions of 1/2" thick by 1-3/4" wide by 30" long make this an ideal size for small furniture, decorations, and other crafts. Teak wood is a durable hardwood known for its rich golden brown color and oil resistant properties. This teak lumber has been sanded smooth on all sides for an even finish, ready to be cut and shaped for your next woodworking project. Use it to make cutting boards, serving trays, picture frames, or small furniture pieces that will last for years with proper care and oiling. The teak wood comes from sustainable sources and is graded for its straight grain and lack of defects, ensuring quality and longevity in your finished projects. Start crafting today with this premium grade teak lumber from a trusted brand like Whitecap.