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Wolff® 6278M Kevlar® Shear - 6000 Series Carbon Steel Scissors

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Cut all types of hard to cut materials like Kevlar®, Dyneema®, Spectra®, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, and fire-resistant fabrics with the Wolff® 6278M Kevlar® Shear. The blades are made from durable 1075 carbon steel with stainless steel pivot hardware and a lock nut with nylon insert. Superior materials make this shear stronger and lighter than traditional shears of the same size.

The soft, large-sized blue Ergonomix® handle is custom molded to fit your right hand like a glove giving you maximum comfort while cutting. Cushion your hands like no other shear with the soft Sarlink® handles. The handles are chemically bonded to the blades.

The Wolff® Ergonomix® 6000 series is the one most versatile shear in your home, business, factory, or workroom. It serves as a workhorse for many industries focused on ergonomics, quality, comfort, and performance.


Right Handed
Soft Large Sized Handles
Bent Handle
Pointed Tip
Nylon Lock Nut

Did you notice?

The shear is specially molded to fit a large-sized, right hand
The ergonomic design
The trigger grip
These industrial scissors can be sharpened

Recommended For

Hard to cut materials
Light and heavy-duty materials