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Yellow Spreader 3" X 6"

by 3M
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Durable Yellow Spreader for Large Areas and Heavy Materials

This 3" x 6" yellow spreader is perfect for large areas and heavy materials like joint compound, floor leveler, mud, grout, and thick coatings. The extra wide 6" length and 3" width allow you to apply large amounts of material in one pass for faster, more efficient application.

Made of durable ABS plastic, this spreader is lightweight yet strong enough to handle demanding jobs. The stiff, non-flexible blade holds its shape for precise, even spreading of finishing materials. The non-marring plastic blade won't damage delicate surfaces like wood trim, drywall and ceramic tile. The non-stick coating on the blade helps release material remnants with ease for quick cleanup. The ergonomic handle provides comfort during use to reduce hand and wrist fatigue.

Use this 3" x 6" yellow spreader for:

  • Applying thick joint compound to large drywall areas
  • Spreading floor leveler over wide surfaces
  • Coating concrete with thick epoxy or urethane
  • Applying thick tile adhesives and mortars

The wide size, durable construction and non-stick coating make this yellow spreader ideal for both professionals and DIY homeowners tackling large jobs with heavy materials. The bright yellow color ensures you'll always be able to find it on the job site. The stiff blade holds its shape to allow for precise, even application of heavy finishing materials over extra large surfaces.