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14' 10" Osprey Cedar Strip Canoe Kit

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$2,406.00 - $2,406.00
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Overall Length: 14'10"
Waterline Length: 14'2-1/2"
Maximum Beam: 30"
Waterline Beam: 27-1/4"
Draft: 3.2"
Bow Rocker: 1.73"
Stern Rocker: .82"
Design Load: 283 lbs

John Winters writes "The Osprey was originally intended as my personal boat. It is what I perceive to be the ideal small solo canoe for Canadian wilderness travel. The designed displacement is adequate for a large paddler on a week long trip, or a smaller paddler for longer trips. Unlike most American solos, this boat is heavily rockered forward with slightly less aft. The combination provides good maneuverability in smaller streams and excellent tracking on open water."

Despite its relatively low freeboard, it is a dry boat (I have paddled the north shore of Lake Superior in it without taking on more than a few small dollops in the most severe conditions one would like to paddle in) and the sculpted tumblehome midships allows good stroke mechanics despite the boat's 30 inch maximum beam.

Kit Sizing

Our kits are now available in a more affordable option to our full-length (20') strips in order to lower shipping and lumber costs. The base price listed is our "Shorty Kit" price but you can still choose the full size strips in the product options, giving you the full size canoe kit. Shorty kit strips are 2' to a maximum of 7' 10" with a minimum 80% of the strips being between 5' - 7'10". We offer the shorty kit strips in Western Red Cedar, East White Cedar, or a 50/50 split. All other kit contents are the same as full length kits.


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