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15' 8" Mattawa Cedar Strip Canoe Kit

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The Mattawa is a truly extraordinary small canoe. Quick and responsive, it is a delight to paddle in all conditions. Through subtle manipulation of hull shape, John Winters has developed a canoe that is equally at home on flat water or white water. Most surprising is that all this performance comes with a solid, stable feel right over to the swamp point and beyond. For medium and smaller couples, as a graceful cottage canoe or for a weekend getaway, and all those who just plain paddle for fun, the Mattawa is a welcome addition to the canoe scene.

Overall Length: 15'8"
Waterline Length: 15'4"
Gunwale Width: 36"
Waterline Beam: 33"
Bow Height: 21"
Centre Depth: 13-1/4""
Stern Height: 18-1/2"
Bow Rocker: 2-1/2"
Stern Rocker: 1-3/4"
Optimum Load Range: 290-430 lbs
Freeboard @ 360 lbs: 9"


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