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18' 4" Panache Cedar Strip Kayak Kit

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The Following courtesy of Rob Macks, Designer,

Panache specifications; Length: 18'4" Width: 22 1/2" Weight: 35 lbs. Cockpit: 33"x 16"

Panache©, designed by Rob Macks, was inspired by a native West Greenland kayak design. Panache is a fast, long, narrow and responsive sea kayak. The shallow-arch hull becomes a deep V at the bow and stern to cut smoothly through waves and to track effortlessly in winds. The bow is designed with added volume to rise over waves .

"I take great pride in 'WoodenBoat' magazine's award to Panache for 'Outstanding Paddlecraft' at the 1992 WoodenBoat Show, Newport, Rhode Island." Rob Macks

Panache is 21 " at the waterline. This narrow rounded hull reduces wetted surface for a fast kayak hull. The deep vee sections fore and aft, along with the deep foot of the stems make this sea kayak track extremely well in strong winds. A long, sleek, fast, sea kayak in the tradition of the West Greenland boats. Panache is a true joy to paddle!

"I am pleased to report my kayak (Panache) looks great, tracks true and has fostered a revitalization of my love for the water." William E. Acheson, Killeen, TX"

Wherever I go with Panache I see heads turn and I hear people say 'how beautiful' and 'what a work of art!' I've had an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from kayakers, outfitters, guides, and other builders and designers.

The light weight of this kayak makes it a joy to paddle and maneuver. The shallow-arch hull design and narrow beam make Panache a very responsive kayak with moderate initial stability; because of the hull's generous flare above the waterline, it has high secondary stability.

Tigara (Norm calls his Panache) is a sweet boat, a tribute to your skill as a designer. She tracks beautifully and carries a big load.. she is very easy to Eskimo roll. Norm Sanders, Toss Head, NSW, Australia

The cockpit opening is large for easy entry and exit, allowing knees to be raised from the seated position. In warm weather and calmer waters, with the spray skirt off, the large cockpit is cool and comfortable. Generous bulkheaded watertight compartments, fore and aft, are accessed by large, double gasketed, hard-shell hatch covers.

Design Specs:

Length: 18’ 4”
Beam: 22-1/2”
Hull Weight: 35 lbs
Max Payload: 275 lbs
Paddler Weight: 120 - 220 lbs.

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