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3M Hi Gloss Gelcoat Compound 1 Gal.

SKU 06025
by 3M
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  • Removes scratch patterns left by previous sanding processes
  • Cleans oxidation, waterline marks and other stains and blemishes
  • Follow with 3M™ Marine Finesse-It™ Finishing Material, 09048, for a high gloss finish

3M™ Marine High Gloss Gelcoat Compound, 06025, removes the scratch pattern left by abrasives in previous sanding processes, with a unique formulation that reduces slinging while buffing. For best results, use with 3M™ Perfect-It™ 100% Wool Compounding Pad, 05753, on a slow speed polisher.

Suggested applications
  • Use to remove scratch patterns, oxidation, waterline marks, as well as other stains and blemishes


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