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Bondo 3 Pack Spreaders #357

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by Bondo
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  • Use during stage 2 of the 3M™ Body Repair System
  • Reusable
  • Highly flexible
  • Includes 3 different sizes
  • Gives you a smooth finish every time
  • Body fillers can be applied easily with the special flexible spreading edge

Bondo® Plastic Spreaders make applying any filler, putty, spackle, caulk or glaze easy. Equipped with three different spreaders, each pack includes the right size for any job. The spreaders are highly flexible, allowing for use on curved or flat surfaces, and the clean edge will ensure a consistently smooth finish on any surface. Once cleaned with acetone, the spreader is ready to be used for your next job.

Bondo® Plastic Spreaders is the right tool for mixing and applying filler, putty, spackle, caulk, or glaze. This plastic spreader is strong yet flexible and is designed to be easy to hold for use on both curved and flat surfaces. The clean edges of the spreader makes it easy to create consistent and smooth finishes. Bondo® Plastic Spreaders also feature clean edges to help deliver consistent and smooth results, all while remaining reusable and easy to clean.


Suggested Applications

  • Great for applying fillers, putties, glazes and caulks
  • Ideal for use on curved or flat surfaces