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Epifanes Fiberglass Primer White

Original price $67.18 - Original price $350.15
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$67.18 - $350.15
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Epifanes Fiberglass Primer White is a high-quality, one-component primer based on modified alkyd resins. This primer is designed for use on fiberglass or gelcoat surfaces above the waterline, maximizing adhesion and providing excellent direct adhesion to fiberglass or intercoat adhesion to one-component yacht paints.

Excellent Filling and Covering Capability 
Epifanes Fiberglass Primer White fills very small surface irregularities to a smooth film, providing excellent filling and covering capability. This is especially important when topcoating with a different color, ensuring a smooth and even finish on your boat's surfaces.

High-Build and Easy-to-Apply
This primer has a high-build capacity, creating an even primer coat and ensuring efficient application. Its easy-to-apply formula makes it a convenient and effective solution for boat maintenance needs.

Available in Multiple Sizes
Epifanes Fiberglass Primer White is available in 750ml, 2000ml, and 4000ml container sizes, ensuring you have the right amount of product for your specific needs.

  • Container Sizes: 750ml, 2000ml, and 4000ml
  • Suitable for use on fiberglass or gelcoat surfaces above the waterline
  • High-build capacity and excellent filling and covering capability
In summary, Epifanes Fiberglass Primer White is a high-quality and effective primer for fiberglass and gelcoat surfaces above the waterline. Its excellent filling and covering capability, high-build capacity, and availability in multiple sizes make it a top choice among boat owners seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their boat maintenance needs.

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