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Fiberglass 6 Ounce

SKU 6X38
Original price $8.49 - Original price $14.95
Original price
$8.49 - $14.95
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E-type glass. Epoxy and polyester compatible. This material is typically used in small boat construction where a thin, smooth, transparent & light weight finish is desired. It provides additional strength & abrasion resistance.


Our fabrics are sold by the linear yard. Quantities less than 6 yards will be folded to reduce shipping costs, while 6 yards or more will be shipped on a roll. If you prefer shipping on a tube for orders under 6 yards, please email us; however, this may increase shipping costs. For orders with multiple fabric types or additional small items, we may combine them into one parcel. If your shipping costs seem high, please call or email us. There is an additional $10.00 packaging fee for fabrics and vacuum bagging supplies.