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Sikaflex 291 Kit White

by Sika
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ALL-IN-ONE MARINE SEALING SYSTEM KIT DESIGNED FOR MAKING WATERPROOF, ELASTIC AND VIBRATION-RESISTANT JOINT SEALS. Commonly used on sailing and leisure boats, yachts and commercial vessels, Sikaflex®-291 Kit is engineered for a large variety of interior and exterior sealing applications, above and below waterline. ADVANTAGES • Ideal for marine applications where speed is important. • Makes a joint seal that is resistant to fresh water, seawater, limewater, sewage effluent, diluted acids and caustic solutions. • Bonds extremely well to the materials commonly used in marine construction. • Provides an excellent bond, a fast tack-free time and is paintable.


  • Sikaflex®-291 (2 x 300 mL) : Polyurethane sealant and adhesive for general marine applications 
  • Sika® Aktivator-205 (1 x 250 mL) : Cleanser and adhesion promoter
  • Sika® MultiPrimer Marine (1 x 30 mL) : Transparent polyurethane primer for marine applications
  • Sika® Remover-208 (1 x 250 mL) : Solvent cleanser to remove uncured polyurethane
  • Sika® PowerClean Aid (1 x 24 pads): Melamine pad for cleaning and priming


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