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Star 10 Liquid Stripper

by Star 10
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Star 10 is environmentally friendly and it works. It contains no methylene chloride, caustics or acids, so it’s safe to use on metal, wood and fiberglass, which means you can strip just about anything including planes, cars, boats and Aunt Betsy’s hope chest. Star 10 Phase 2 Liquid can be used to remove light finishes like gel stains, shellac and lacquers as well for cleaning and detailing after using Star 10 Phase 1 Paste. It can also be used to remove bumper stickers, labels, pitch, tar, graffiti, and synthetic glue and to clean paint guns and brushes. For heavier finishes, start with removal process with Phase 1 Paste. Use of safety glasses and neoprene gloves is recommended.

    • Contains no methylene chloride, caustics or acid
    • Safe to use on wood, fiberglass and metal and is environmentally friendly
    • Removes light finishes like shellac, lacquer and gel stains
    • Removes stickers, labels, graffiti, synthetic glues, pitch and tar