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Video-Building The Sea Kayak

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30 minutes BUILDING THE SEA KAYAK describes how almost anyone can build their own Stitch-N-Glue touring kayak. An ideal companion to the Plans and Patterns or Wood Parts Kit. The DVD covers all phases of construction. It shows how the average handyperson can build the SEA KAYAK using either complete patterns or a Wood Parts Kit that furnishes all parts precisely machined to shape. You're taken step-by-step through the building procedure starting with the basics of how the patterns are used to duplicate the required plywood parts. Progressively, in a simple direct photo/voice combination, the viewer is led through forming the plywood panels, stitching them together, applying glue fillets and fiberglass laminates. The DVD even shows how simple it is to make your own double bladed asymmetrical paddle. The finished boat is shown on the beach and in action from numerous angles. The graceful clean lines are apparent and gives the viewer the "itch" to start building his own SEA KAYAK. This is an ideal DVD for the individual who wants to learn more about building SEA KAYAK; as a "study" video or a building aid. Anyone interested in the advanced Stitch-N-Glue building method will learn the essential "how to" that would apply to building most any craft.