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Micron CSC-CA

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Micron CSC provides long-lasting multi-season antifouling paint based on Controlled Solubility Copolymer technology. This product is designed to wear away (polish) at a controlled rate providing multi season protection with reduced paint buildup allowing for an easier reapplication and improved performance.

Micron CSC does not lose its effectiveness when hauled out of the water for extended periods of time (such as winter storage). All that is needed to reactivate the paint in the spring is to wash the surface using a stiff brush or lightly power wash.

  • Provides excellent multi-season longevity against all types of algae, weeds, barnacles, and other shell fouling
  • Apply at temperatures as low as 41°F / 5°C, improving productivity at cooler Fall / Spring temperatures
  • High Solids formulation makes it easier to achieve film thickness with a reduction in VOC

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Color: Blue