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Styrene Wax Solution (Air Dry) Drum

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Air Dry is used to add to polyester/vinylester resins to eliminate the tackiness in the resin surface. The wax rises to the surface as the styrene is released in the air. This creates a non tacky surface that can be easily sanded or painted. Add to unwaxed polyester resin and gelcote when you plan on sanding after cure. Waxed resin and gelcote must be sanded before recoating.

General Safety Directions

  • Use in a well ventilated area.
  • Wear the following PPE safety equipment; disposable gloves, face mask, safety glasses.
  • If any chemical comes into contact with skin or clothing. Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin with cool water. If any further symptoms persist consult your doctor or emergency department.
  • Dispose of all chemicals as per your council regulations for hazardous material.

This is item is sold by the Kilogram in a drum

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