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Balsa Core

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Balsa Core has a honeycomb-like cell structure that’s configured into end-grain panels that can provide optimal properties including high compressive, flexural and shear strength along with stiffness. Balsa is a cost effective, natural material that is produced in a variety of densities that can be tailored to specific applications. It is widely used in the production of boats, wind turbine blades, transportation and structural composite panels. 

End Grain Balsa, a highly processed ultra light wood product, imparts impressive strength and stiffness to the sandwich panel. The end grain configuration of balsa provides high resistance to crushing and is very difficult to tear apart. End grain balsa cored panels also have the ability to handle excessive dynamic loads with high resistance to fatigue.

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Balsa Size

Sheets Per Case

1/4" 24" X 48"

40 Sheets

3/8" 24" X 48"

28 Sheets

1/2" 24" X 48"

22 Sheets

5/8" 24" X 48"

18 Sheets

3/4" 24" X 48"

14 Sheets

1" 24" X 48"

11 Sheets