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Gurit G-Pet 90 48" X 96"

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Gurit G-PET 90 is a high-performance PET foam core material used in composite sandwich structures. It is a closed-cell, semi-rigid foam that offers excellent mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, and good dimensional stability. The foam has a nominal density of 90 kg/m³ (5.6 lb/ft³) and is compatible with a range of resin systems including polyester, vinylester, and epoxy.

Some of the key features and benefits of Gurit G-PET 90 include:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio: Gurit G-PET 90 offers exceptional stiffness and strength while remaining lightweight, making it a popular choice for various high-performance applications in the marine, transportation, and wind energy industries.

  • Excellent temperature resistance: The foam has a high temperature resistance, enabling it to withstand the elevated temperatures associated with some manufacturing processes and applications.

  • Good dimensional stability: Gurit G-PET 90 has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which helps to maintain the dimensional stability of composite sandwich structures under varying temperatures and environments.

  • Good chemical resistance: The foam is resistant to a range of chemicals, making it suitable for use in harsh environments where exposure to chemicals is a concern.

Gurit G-PET 90 is available in a range of thicknesses and sizes to suit different applications, and can be supplied in sheet or block form. The foam can be processed using various techniques such as hand lay-up, resin infusion, and prepreg, and is suitable for a range of applications such as boat building, wind turbine blades, and transportation components.

Overall, Gurit G-PET 90 offers excellent mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, and good dimensional stability, making it an ideal choice for high-performance applications where lightweight, durable, and reliable materials are required.


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