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Nida-Core Structural Honeycomb Plain – H8PP 4’X7′ x 7mm

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Nida-Core Structural Honeycomb Plain – H8PP 4’X7′ is a high-performance lightweight panel that is designed to provide exceptional strength and durability for a wide range of applications. This product is particularly well-suited for marine usage due to its resistance to water, corrosion, and UV radiation.


  • Made from durable, lightweight polypropylene material
  • Sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass or other composites
  • Honeycomb structure with 8 mm mesh for exceptional strength and stiffness
  • Surface coating (non-woven polyester) can be laminated or glued to any material
  • Suitable for construction, transport, yachting, industrial equipment, sports, recreation, etc.
  • Specifically designed for contact and spray lamination
  • Reduces overall weight of finished product
  • Ideal for marine applications such as hulls, decks, and bulkheads
  • Used for interior cabinetry and furniture in boats and watercraft
  • Helps improve speed and fuel efficiency
  • Highly resistant to moisture and rot
  • Suitable for marine environments with exposure to saltwater and corrosive elements
  • Easy to work with and can be cut, shaped, and bonded using standard tools and techniques.



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