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1 Gallon Pigments

SKU PIG-850-0040
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1 Gallon gelcoat pigments

Our 1 gallon gelcoat pigments are specially formulated to provide vibrant color and UV stability when added to polyester gelcoat resin. The pigments are available in 3 standard colors - white, red, and black - to match most projects.

The pigments are easy to mix into the gelcoat resin using a high shear mixer. Simply add the appropriate amount of pigment based on the gelcoat manufacturer's recommendations, usually 1-3% by weight. Mix thoroughly to ensure an even dispersion of color throughout the gelcoat.

The pigments provide:

  • Vibrant, long-lasting color that withstands UV exposure when mixed into gelcoat resin
  • Easy to mix and incorporate into most polyester gelcoat systems
  • Consistent, uniform color batch to batch
  • Available in 1 gallon containers for larger projects
Color: Titanium White