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3M™ Overspray Protective Sheeting

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by 3M
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12 ft x 400 ft, 1 per case

  • Protects vehicles from overspray
  • High-density, durable film provides excellent paint overspray adhesion
  • Good tear resistance keep sheet intact during painting
  • Reduces costs associate with removing overspray
  • Use with 3M™ Overspray Protective Sheeting Masker

3M™ Overspray Protective Sheeting is a paintable, high density and tear-resistant translucent film for critical edge masking as well as for paint overspray. We make our overspray protective sheeting in a variety of sizes to protect various types of vehicles, including cars, vans, SUVs and trucks.

3M™ Overspray Protective Sheeting shields cars, trucks or vans from overspray while being repainted. Our specially formulated high density polyethylene film (HDPE) offers excellent paint adhesion and paint overspray adhesion. It resists paint flaking, which eliminates the need for masking paper at the critical paint edge. The sheeting clings to vehicle and has center printing for easy alignment, which makes it easy to handle. Sheeting easily cuts to any size needed for a project. Using overspray protective sheeting eliminates the need for masking paper to skirt the lower part of the vehicle.

Our protective sheeting protects a variety of dry surfaces in addition to vehicles. Protective sheeting is perfect for protecting floors, walls, cabinets, stationary tools or any other object found in an automotive body shop or garage.

Using 3M™ Overspray Protective Sheeting can eliminate costly and labor intensive cleanup and rework due to paint that reaches locations other than the intended target area. Paint overspray can significantly degrade the quality of the finished product, adversely affecting gloss and contributing to orange peel. Protective sheeting is a simple and inexpensive way to manage and control the impact of overspray.

Suggested applications
  • Collision, Commercial Vehicle, Aerospace, Transit, Marine or General Industrial paint masking