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Canoe Decks

Original price $32.00 - Original price $48.00
Original price
$32.00 - $48.00
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Upgrade your canoe with a beautiful new deck from Noah's Marine. Our canoe decks are crafted from premium hardwoods including ash, cherry, walnut, and mahogany - each with a unique grain pattern and finish.

Each deck set comes with 4 pieces of decking measuring 18"x6"x1" - 2 for the front of the canoe and 2 for the back. The decking is precision cut and sanded to ensure a smooth, even surface that is comfortable underfoot. 

For an accent detail, add a complimenting accent strips measuring 1/2"x18"x1". Accent strips are available in ash, walnut, cherry and mahogany to complement your decking choice. Deck accent strips are sold in pairs and all pieces (decks included) are separate and will have to glued together.

Noah's Marine canoe decks are designed to last for years with proper care and maintenance. The hardwoods we use are durable and resistant to water damage.