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CNC Kayak Molds

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CNC Kayak Molds make perfect molds for crafting your own kayak. The precision CNC technology ensures accurate cutting of the vital station molds.

The powerful CNC router holds the large sheet of mold material firmly in place while the router bit moves in a programmed sequence of cuts. First, a V-bit engraves lines and text on each piece followed by a high speed 3/8" router bit that shapes each mold piece to perfection.

The CNC cut kayak molds are ready for you to assemble and use to craft your own kayak. The molds include cradles for both the hull and deck. While paper plans are not included with the CNC kayak molds, they contain essential information for properly setting up and using the molds.

CNC kayak molds are currently available for a wide range of kayak designs to suit your needs. Contact us today to find the perfect CNC cut kayak molds for your next project.

Picture Descriptions

  • 1) Kayak molds
  • 2) CNC molds for Endeavor with hull cradles
  • 3) An Endeavor with CNC molds on strongback
  • 4) Bow end view of kayak molds as construction starts


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