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CNC Small Boat Molds

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CNC technology makes for accurate cutting of the all-important station molds.

A powerful vacuum holds the 4' x 8' sheet of 5/8" thick particle board locked in place while the overhead router travels in a predetermined series of moves. First, a V-bit inscribes lines and text on each piece followed by a second cutting head with a 3/8" high speed router bit which cuts out the final shape of each piece. The molds are ready for use once cut out.

Paper plans are not included with these molds. They contain valuable set up information and you will need to order them separately.

Please look at the attached images to see the CNC machine at work cutting out a set of molds.

This item requires custom shipping due to weight. The freight will be calculated and charged separately pending your approval and prior to shipping.

Picture Descriptions
1) Set of CNC molds
2) Whitehall molds being CNC cut
3) CNC molds upright on strongback