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Cockpit Coaming Kit

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The CNC cut Cockpit COAMING kit consists of 8 pieces of 5 mm Okoume marine grade plywood; this product is generally quite light in colour. (see images). It is designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit in the cockpit and create a drier and more enjoyable environment when sailing. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure safety, performance, and durability.

The three base layers are all the same width; the top layer is wider (allows the bungee cord of a spray skirt to lock under the 'lip'). The top layer has a flange (it is possible to saw this off if a builder so chooses) which many kayakers pad on the underside and use to help control the roll motion of their craft.

The layers are attached to the hull and to each other with thickened epoxy. There are two opening sizes-STANDARD and BIG PADDLER. The standard will work for paddlers up to 6 feet tall and 185 pounds-enough said!

An installation booklet (a supplement to KayakCraft) and a full-sized template (for cutting out deck opening(s) are included.