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Hatch Kit

Original price $79.20 - Original price $79.20
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These items are CNC cut and are produced from sheets of 4mm Okoume marine grade plywood.

This kit includes both the oval bow (18" x 12") and oval stern/aft (22" x 14") pieces

The two ovals are identical. The oval pairs are identical-one attaches UNDER the deck - the second attached to the top of the hatch cover.

If you are following KayakCraft, it quickly becomes obvious that these are shaped very differently from those in the manual. These came about as a means of creating larger openings with easier access to getting gear into and out of the kayak.

Intended to facilitate larger openings with enhanced access to stowage, these ovals are designed to provide builders the option of installing either a single or a double hatch.

Builders can choose to install either ONE or TWO hatches on their kayak.